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Best Winter Flower!

If you are every wondering what is a great winter flower that will bring a pop of color to your property, look no further! The Gigantic Dianthus will take 1st place every time! Take a look at the photos below to see how VIBRANT these flowers are!

The pictures above is the color we use on all of our properties for a big pop of color! Planting Gigantic Dianthus is the same process as the other dianthus except for one major difference...

and that is the time of year you plant them!

We want to focus on the winter plantings, so if you want to have color by Thanksgiving (depending on mother nature), plant by the 2nd week of October. This flower needs to be planted and set blooms before the temperature gets cooler. Otherwise, you won't see this beautiful flower until after Christmas.

Hopefully next year we can see some Gigantic Dianthus in the Houston area!

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